MIT Panhellenic Association

find your home under the dome

MIT Panhellenic is the largest women's+ community on campus, consisting of over 550 total members across 6 sorority chapters. Committed to embodying a culture of diversity and inclusion, empowerment, and high achievement, the sorority experience at MIT is unlike any other. We provide our members with life-long friendships, academic support, leadership opportunities, alumni connections, and a "home under the dome" through the continuous pursuit of sisterhood, scholarship, service, leadership, integrity, growth, and respect. 

Our members maintain high GPAs, publish in top academic journals, participate in the arts and athletics, and are actively involved in student groups such as the Undergraduate Association, Rainbow Lounge, Pleasure, and more. Sorority life provides the opportunity for members to establish bonds with some of the most dedicated, talented, and diverse people on campus — bonds that will truly last a lifetime.

Membership is open to all women+; this is inclusive of cisgender women and transgender women. Nonbinary/agender individuals are also welcomed in our community.

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission: The MIT Panhellenic Council represents the largest women’s+ community on campus, serving the larger Greek community by advocating for Panhellenic spirit and cultivating the sorority experience by providing support and guidance to chapters and sponsoring the sorority recruitment process.

Vision: The MIT Panhellenic Council strives to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion, empowerment, and high achievement by supporting individual chapter goals, philanthropy, and collaboration amongst its seven organizations.

Values: The MIT Panhellenic Council unites MIT’s seven organizations under the values of sisterhood, scholarship, service, leadership, integrity, and growth.