Inclusivity statement

The MIT Panhellenic Association is dedicated to the advancement of womanhood. We affirm the worth and dignity of every member of our organizations and respect that our membership reflects a variety of perspectives and a wide range of lived experiences. It has been our practice to be inclusive of all individuals regardless of race, age, ethnicity, nationality, ability, sexual orientation, marital status, religious affiliation, and socioeconomic status. We celebrate the varied voices this policy has brought us and recognize the intrinsic value of diversity. 

In order to stay true to these values and respect the fact that the National Panhellenic Conference and MIT do not and cannot govern the membership selection processes of individual national chapter organizations, we would like to provide clarification about the practices regarding the inclusion of individuals of diverse gender identities:

No member is required to provide documentation regarding their gender. We welcome all as they self-identify. Additionally, all gender expressions (distinct from gender identity) of individuals extended membership are welcome in MIT Panhellenic. 


We demonstrate our commitment to the advancement of womanhood by offering the following definitions, ensuring that our interested members, current members, and lifelong members understand the language we use and hold us accountable to our progress.


The MIT Panhellenic Association is guided and aided by the following on-campus organizations and offices. Please contact or any of these other resources if you, or a friend, need additional support.

Brad Badgley, Director of FSILGs:

Jessica Morris, Panhellenic Advisor:

MIT Nondiscrimination Policy: